Trip To Uganda 2007
::: OUR DIARY - JUNE 2007
Young people from the Square Youth Cafe returned from Kabubbu in Uganda last month. Whilst in the rural village, the group kept a diary of their experiences and some excerpts are published here!
"Whilst we had our tour around the village, the children warmed to us and followed us around. We were impressed with how much work had already been done by the Quicken Trust".
"A primary school, a secondary school, a health care centre, a library and a number of foster homes have already been built - many people have worked hard. We're privileged to be here".
"At 8.30-1pm, we were helping finishing off a home for a family. It was hard work mixing sand and cerment and then applying it to all the walls in the home. This took all week, but it was rewarding knowing that we had raised the money to finish the home, which would taken a life time for the family to afford". >>NEXT